Samuel Maycock
Software Engineer

Hey there! My name is Samuel Maycock, and currently I'm a software engineer at West Pier Studio.

At West Pier Studio, I help to create mobile-web gambling games that are played by players around the world, including games such as Secrets of the Phoenix, Tiki Totems, MONOPOLY City Spins, and Doubly Bubbly, all built with PIXI.js.

I also maintain our tooling and internal tech, working with things like TypeScript, Express, Jest, and Puppeteer.

In the past, I've worked on games & apps for iOS & Android, and various pieces of Kindle Active Content for Kindle e-reader devices.

Aditionally, I'm a graduate of the University of Derby Computer Games Programming course, where I worked on a myriad of projects, including: a software model renderer; three UDK projects; Android games and apps; various C# (.NET and XNA) projects; and a PSP demoscene.

My final year dissertation, looking at improving touch-input in navigation games, was published as a poster paper at the 2013 IEEE Conference on Computational Inteligence in Games.

Outside of my work, I am passionate about live music and theatre - it's rare for me to go a few weeks without one or the other. I love games - both video games and I have a hefty board game collection as well. I also love to travel, and I'm always planning where I want to go next.

If you want to get in contact, I'm on Twitter @smlmyck and you can email me via [email protected].